Two Scoop Games LLC Based in Louisville, Kentucky

Founding date: March 25, 2014

Website: TwoScoopGames.com

Press / Business contact: info@TwoScoopGames.com

Social: twitter.com/TwoScoopGames


Address: PO Box 43451
Louisville, Kentucky 40243
United States


Two Scoop Games is Alex Bezuska and Eric Lathrop. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Two Scoop Games has produced several games for various game jams while honing their craft. Web developers by trade, Two Scoop Games builds games for the web with a mission of advancing the number of cross-platform games native to the web. Two Scoop Games is an active participant in Game Dev Lou, Louisville's local game development group.

Two Scoop Games Alex and Eric give a game dev talk at RunJumpDev

Contract work

Two Scoop Games is accepting contract work. If you or your company has a game related project, we can build it for you. Please contact us for a consultation: info@TwoScoopGames.com.


SyRUSH Trailer  YouTube
Scurry Trailer  YouTube
Kick Bot Trailer  YouTube


There are far more images available for Two Scoop Games, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us !

Download logo files as .zip (1.3MB) Includes vector logo
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Awards & Recognition

"Jupi's Jam Favorites Ludum Dare 29"
Mr. Fluffykin's Great Sorting Adventure - January, 2015


Selected Articles

- Gage Troutman - December 2, 2014
"Syrush: A virtual breakfast frenzy – Review"
- Pookybox - October 15, 2014
"TwoScoopGames Releases Scurry"
- Two Dash Stash- July 11, 2014
- Jupiter Hadley - May 12, 2014
"I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Kick Bot"
- Two Dash Stash - May 7, 2014

Events & Conferences

'Chomp The Bit' pop up Arcade 2015
- Louisville, KY - April 10, 2015
Louisville Arcade Expo 2015
- Louisville, KY - March 7-8, 2015
Free Range Arcade 2014
- Bloomington, IN - October 3, 2014
Louisville Mini Maker Faire 2014
- Louisville, KY - September 27, 2014

Alex Bezuska on Twitter
Personal twitter for Alex Bezuska (@alexbezuska) available at twitter.com

Eric Lathrop on Twitter
Personal twitter for Eric Lathrop (@ericlathrop) available at twitter.com

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Alex Bezuska
Game Design, Art & Animation, Marketing

Eric Lathrop
Game Design, Programming

Repeating Collaborators



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