Coming soon to console and PC from Two Scoop Games!

An evil AI banished to the moon has built a giant robot leg and plans to kick the Earth! You are Kick Bot, the only hope for humanity, sent into space to wall-jump through treacherous fast-paced pixel-art levels using only two buttons! Destroy the GigaLeg from the inside and defeat the AI at all costs!
Kick Bot - coming soon to console and PC from Two Scoop Games!

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  • Slide, wall-kick, jump, and double jump through thrilling hand-crafted levels.
  • Two legs, Two buttons - Easy controls but lots of wall-kicking maneuvers to master!
  • Crisp pixel-art visuals inspired by the 16-bit handheld console generation.
  • Heart pounding electronic soundtrack by Jake Mercer
  • A completely new take on our original rage-inducing browser game; Kick Bot (Classic) - one of Google's featured games on the Chrome Web Store (Chromebooks)