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(updated Aug 20, 2021)
Kick Bot Press

An evil AI banished to the moon has built a giant robot leg and plans to kick the Earth! You are Kick Bot, the only hope for humanity, sent into space to wall-jump through treacherous fast-paced pixel-art levels using only two buttons! Destroy the GigaLeg from the inside and defeat the AI at all costs! Kick Bot - coming soon to console and PC from Two Scoop Games!

  • Wall jump, slide, and dash through hundreds of tough-as-nails levels.
  • Simple two-button controls, but many challenging maneuvers to master.
  • Respawn fast! There's no time to waste.
  • Unlock secret extra-challenging levels.
  • Crisp pixel-art visuals inspired by the 16-bit handheld console generation.
  • Heart-pounding electronic soundtrack by Jake Mercer.
Nominee Best in Show - GDEX 2020
Nominee Best in Show Most Innovative - GDEX 2020
Official Selection GDEX 2020
Official Selection MAGFest MIVS 2020
Best in Show ISE GDEX Columbus OH 2019
Exhibitor GDEX Columbus OH 2019
Exhibitor Hamilton Games Festival 2019
Official Selection PixelPop Festival St Louis 2019
Official Selection Bit Bash Chicago 2019

The Kick Bot Team