Kick Bot DX from Two Scoop Games.

Kick Bot DX

An infinite wall-jumping game where you send different types of unlockable bots to their doom for... research purposes.

Coming soon to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices and PC.

About the game

Kick Bot is back and this time there are more hazards, more rewards, and more bots to test! Deep underground, scientists have been obsessively working on building the perfect wall-jumping bots. Thousands of bots have failed and fallen into the scrap heap. Can you prove you have what it takes to build and test the perfect bot?

Free Features

  • Procedurally-generated infinite level design!
  • Unlockable playable bots each with thier own look and special ability!
  • Collect research points and use scrapped bots to build parts for new ones!
  • New hazards including electrocuting tesla coils, high RPM sawblades, spike smashers and more!
  • Compare your high score with the world with built in social media sharing - each bot has it's own leaderboard!
  • Achievements for the most daring moves!
  • Music and SFX options!
  • Daily challenge mode - compete with your friends using the same placement of hazards!

Premium Features

  • Can't wait? Pay to complete and unlock new bots for your collection!

Game Jam

Created for Kentucky Fried Pixels 2017


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