Kick Bot DX from Two Scoop Games.

Kick Bot DX

Endless custom robot action for mobile!

Build and destroy robots in an endless wall-jumping test lab. Unlock robot parts to customize the best wall-jumping robot in the world.

Coming soon to iPhone, iPad, and Android!

About the game

Build custom bots, test them in extreme obstacle courses, and challenge your friends or the whole world in Kick Bot DX! Scientists in a secret underground lab are working tirelessly to create the perfect wall jumping robot. Create new parts from the scrap of your fallen creations to customize new bots with over 20,000 possible configurations.

Free Features

  • Customize your bot with parts you unlock or buy! Over 20,000 combinations!
  • Procedurally-generated infinite level design!
  • Compare your high score with the world with built in leaderboards!
  • Music and SFX options!

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